Android OS install base

Android OS install base

What Twitter should do if they want to become a media company

Twitter is transforming itself from a communication platform into a communication + media company. It is now in talks with Hollywood producers, TV network executives and major brand advertisers about launching several original Web series via the social network. 

We know they are taking this bold step to improve engagement of users on their site. They do not want their users to leave twitter by clicking on the links in the tweets. They are now the second largest social network after facebook and any steps to make users spend more time on their own site makes total sense for any consumer internet company. More engagement on twitter means users will interact more with their promoted products which in turn will generate more revenue for the company.

The most important step twitter has taken to be in the media business is by releasing the Expanded Tweet feature and for the first time allowing content with more than 140 characters in  a single tweet. But they intend to allow only select partners who can embed content in the expanded box. Instead of limiting only select partners to create content for expanded tweets, they should allow all users to become content creators for the expanded box

They can do this simply by

  1. Adding an optional textbox for expanded content and place it right next to the ‘Compose new Tweet…” box. 
  2. Allow only 140 characters in ‘Compose new Tweet…’ but allow more content in the second textbox ‘Content for expanded box…’ and keep it optional. 
  3. Allow users to embed images, videos, full/short articles or extract and all sorts of media in the optional expanded box. 
  4. Allow users to embed Ads in the expanded box. This will encourage them to produce more quality content because they will be rewarded and could also make a living out of this.

This is the easiest & fastest way for twitter if they want to become a global media entity. They need not do one-on-one partnerships with hollywood producers or TV network executives. Twitter already have a mass audience and reach and by allowing all users to contribute content to expanded tweet box, twitter becomes a global communication and global publishing platform both.

Twitter total signups till june’2012 - 517million

  • 517 million accounts as of July 1, 2012
  • 141.8 million of those users in the U.S.
  • New York represents 0.4% tweets & SF 0.2%
  • Geolocation is only used 0.77% of the time.

Source TC

Apple in emerging markets

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Brad Feld on Marketing

“…companies should… focus on building amazing products. If you have amazing products, the marketing of those products is trivial. If you have $hitty products, the marketing is impossible. Instead of focusing on marketing as an activity… integrate it into (your) products.

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group

US(only) Smartphone OS market share - Q2’2012

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Zuck during Facebook Q2’12 earnings call

Mark Zuckerberg 

 We believe one of the biggest opportunities we have is to create the identity and social layer that all new apps and Web sites can be built on top of. We think almost every product is better when you can experience it with the people you care about. So over time, we expect almost all of these products should naturally become social. (Zuckerberg)

Instagram Growth

First 80 million Users

  • First 15 million - 10 months (Dec’10 - Sept’11)
  • Next 15 million - 6 months (Sept’11 - Mar’12)
  • Next 20 million - 2 months (Apr’12 - May’12)
  • Next 30 million - 2 months (Jun’12 - July’12)
Next 60 million Users in 3 months
  • Next 30 million - 1.5 months(Aug’12 - mid-Sept)
  • Next 30 million - 1.5 months(Mid-Sept - Oct’12)
Total 140million users == Twitter user base

Mobile Phones Key numbers - Q2’12

Smartphones+ Feature Phones(362 million)
  • In Q2’2011 growth for feature phones was 11.9%, In Q2’2012 growth is only 1.1%
  • 362 million smartphones and feature phones were shipped
  • Samsung  shipped an estimated 93 million devices (50.5 million smartphones, 42.5 million feature phones).  Samsung’s market share = 25.7 percent (up from 20.7 percent)
  • Nokia sold  83.7 million devices. Nokia’s market share =  23.1 percent, down 1.6 percent
  • Apple third on 26 million. Apple’s market share 7.2 percent – up 1.5 percent
Smartphones(146 million)
  • In Q2’2011 growth for smartphones was 77.1%, In Q2’2012 growth is only 32.2%
  • Q2’2011 Smartphone Market share — Apple 18.4%, Samsung 18.3%, Nokia 15.1%
  • Q2’2012 Smartphone Market Share — Apple 17.8%, Samsung 34.6%, Nokia 7.0%
  • The smartphone market slumped to its weakest growth in three years, up 32 percent year-on-year to account for 146 million devices. Phones from Apple and Samsung accounted for half of that number.
Samsung top selling handsets and revenue Q2’12
iPhone Sales 2009-2012
  • 2009 - 20 million
  • 2010 - 40 million (100% year-over-year growth)
  • 2011 - 72 million  (80% year-over-year growth)
  • 2012 - 118 million(expected) ( 63% year-over-year growth)
stratan fig Samsung grabs record 26% mobile market share, after shipping 93m devices in Q2 2012

Facebook’s first earnings since IPO - Q2’12

fb q2 deck